Rink Music

We are transitioning to a system called Rink Music for playing skater music on the ice during practices. The purpose of the system is to remove the problems with CDs and CD Players, as well as to ensure a fair skating order. Read more…

Our club has purchased a new rink music system. It has now been installed in both the rinks and we will be moving over to this new Rink Music system completely by February 1. In order to play music a skater must purchase a music tag from the club and upload their music online. As of February 1, no cds will be played. Below are directions for joining Rink Music and uploading your music as well as directions for converting music to mp3 Format. Once you purchase a Rink Music tag, you may use it at any rink that uses the Rink Music system.

Music tags will be sold for $10. If a skater loses their tag, they will need to purchase a new one. I would recommend that skaters get a key chain or a lanyard to attach their music tag to. They will need to keep it on their person or down by the ice in order to put their music in the music skating order.

LaVonne Elliot will be available Monday from 3-6pm, Jessica James will be available from 4-6 pm on Wednesday and Friday and Kristen Labrie will be available Thursday 4-6 pm to sell music tags during the week of Jan 9 through 13.

Here are a few documents to help with the process: