Listed Alphabetically

Johnny Bevan – johnnie.bevan [at] gmail [.com]

Coach since: 2001

Specialty: Singles

Credentials: National champion, 4-time national medalist, three time US Jr World Team memeber, US International Team member, International medalist

Drive to Coach: “My drive is to create a mindset in all of my students that will help them throughout their life. I strive to teach all of my students that failure is an integral component of success and that those who succeed do so in large part because of how they handle their failures. ”

Randy Clark – randysclark1 [at] gmail [.com]

Coach since: 1988

Specialty: Freestyle singles, jumps, trampoline jump training, and moves in the field (MITF)

Credentials: Junior National, National and International Level coach, and a gold medalist in both Freestyle and Figures. In the year 2000, he attended the by invitation only Team USA training camp at Lake Placid, NY. BA in Education and Business.

Drive to Coach: “My determination to be a successful coach at a very high level. Through my hard work, dedication and self discipline to the sport of figure skating I will instill these qualities into my students on a daily basis, in which they will be successful not only in skating but throughout their entire life!”

Larissa Lowell – rissa.lowell [at] gmail [.com]

Coach since: 2011

Specialty: Singles, jumps, choreography

Credentials: Double gold medalist

Drive to Coach: “Watching my skaters fall in love with the sport as much as I have. ”


Noreen Clohessy Olson

Coach since: 1988

Specialty: Choreography

Credentials: BA in Fine Arts, Dance, and Choreography. Professional dancer of 20 years and founder of modern dance company “Namaste” for five years. Coached numerous skaters at Junior Nationals, Junior Worlds, Sectionals, Nationals, and International competitions. These included a National Champion, 4th place competitor at Junior Worlds and more than a dozen skaters performing in professional shows.

Drive to Coach: “I saw that a dancer’s perspective was necessary to the sport and enjoy the beauty and struggle it presents.”

Angela Rasmussen – sk8rasmussen [at] gmail [.com]

Coach since: 1990

Specialty: Spins and choreography

Credentials: Gold freeskate, BA PSA.

Drive to Coach: “To help teach my students necessary life skills through the enjoyment of figure skating.”


Tanya Rodriguez – twskates [at] msn [.com]

Coach since: 2007

Specialty: Choreography, singles, show skating

Credentials: Junior Coach since 2001, competed for 16 years, earned her Gold Test in MITF and FS, skated with Disney on Ice and many other shows for 3 years.

Drive to Coach: “Seeing my skaters accomplish their goals and dreams and being able to help them get there. I love to inspire, motivate, encourage, and support all my skaters to achieve their goals and share my passion for skating with them everyday on the ice.”

John Saitta – john.saitta [at] sbcglobal [.net]

Coach since: 1986

Specialty: Technical aspects including jumps and spins. Syncro

Credentials: 1984 Junior Men’s National Freeskating Champion, USFS Double Gold Medalist, Level V PSA Ranking, Certified PSA rating, Team USA Coach, U.S.National and World Championships Coach

Drive to Coach: “*Teaching lessons in life first and axels second* has helped me inspire young skaters to not only become the best figure skaters possible, but also respectable young citizens who have learned the meaning of sportsmanship, leadership, perseverance and determination. I enjoy working with beginning skaters to help them pave the way to a lifelong passion for figure skating.”

Berkley Villard – sr5916 [at] aol [.com]

Coach since: 1990

Specialty: Jumps, Spins, Moves in the Field, Power Skating

Credentials: USFSA Gold Medalist, Regional USFSA Champion, Sectional USFSA Champion, 3 Time USFSA National Skater, USFSA National Silver Medalist, USFSA Gold Medalist Coach In Moves in the Field & Freeskate, USFSA Junior National & Junior Olympic Freestyle Coach, US National and International Freestyle Coach

Drive to Coach: “I have always had a love for the ice and its spotlight. Coaching has given me the opportunity to share this passion with others. I’m inspired everyday to educate athletes in the art of figure skating; helping them achieve their goals and dreams.”